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Conversations with Karen

Last month Karen suggested we dedicate a show to our positive experiences and the positive roles law enforcement plays in our society and lives. For nearly a year, the media has had a daily barrage of negativity – which is severely impacting community relations with law enforcement. Karen also presents a recent study on use of force.

News from Associations
 NALI San Antonio Conference Success (www.NALI.com)
Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Samantha Evans – Bexar County ME Office
Forensic Anthropologist, Dr. Daniel Westcott – TSU Body Farm
Presented ‘Dead Bodies’ with high attendance and very positive comments. Dean is contacting these experts to be guests in July and August!

NCISS – Your Voice in DC and Across America (www.NCISS.org)
Protecting Consumers and Commerce in the Internet Age
The Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee manages the modern manifestation of the committee’s historic role overseeing interstate and foreign commerce. Today, that commerce increasingly occurs in cyberspace, which is why the committee and the CMT subcommittee in particular will be focused on data security and the implications of cyber threats to American commerce.

Advocacy Hub
NCISS continues to show leadership and its commitment to State Association outreach with the release of the new Advocacy Hub (AH). The AH is a wonderful tool for State Associations to monitor legislation effecting their state. The AH not only identifies certain pieces legislation, it can be helpful with call to action letters from your members to your Congressional and House Representatives.

Register Now for Las Vegas September 20-22 NCISS Mid-Term Board Meeting and Seminars
Co-Sponsored by the Nevada Society of Professional Investigators and Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators. Exceptional speakers and topics are lined up – details in your email soon. SLS Hotel in Las Vegas group rate is $65.00 per night!

Show Topic Links
Examining the Prevalence of Deaths from Police Use of Force (Richard Johnson, PhD, Criminal Justice Program, University of Toledo) – http://www.slideshare.net/robertsearfoss33/police-lethal-forcepresentation

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