During this show I’m joined by Dennis Root who was retained as the investigator during the well-publicized George Zimmerman case. Dennis will discuss how the media influences public perception, as well as the obstacles that must be overcome to ensure justice is served.  Providing expert testimony in court requires a complete understanding of case facts. One must also have the ability to relate those facts to a group of individuals who may not have a frame of reference enabling them to easily understand the complexities of the case. Dennis also points out the importance of a thorough discovery review and the development of case time lines. Additionally, we discuss the importance of remaining neutral while making diligent efforts to view case information from multiple perspectives.

We also spend sometime discussing a great non-profit organization dedicated to offering FREE personal safety and crime prevention programs for all ages. As a non-profit, Dennis depends on the support of our community to ensure safety remains free for everyone. Please visit the Dennis Root Public Safety Foundation, Inc. to find out more about this program. 

Dennis Root, LPI, FCPP, FCP

Dennis Root & Associates, Inc.
Post Office Box 453
Port Salerno, Florida 34992
Agency License #: A1200212
Office:   (772) 872-6048
Fax:      (772) 324-8149

Dennis Root Public Safety Foundation, Inc.
Post Office Box 443
Port Salerno, Florida 34992
Office:   (772) 324-8147
Fax:      (772) 324-8149
Cell:      (772) 233-9790

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