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GIMG.tv host do a round table.

This month on PI InSIGHT Tim O’Rourke is joined by all of the host from GIMG.tv  We discuss the James Brady death on August 4th 2014 being ruled as a homicide by the medical examiner. The panel discusses what may happen going forward with this case.

Colorado’s new licensing requirement is still being worked out in the State legislature. Dean Beers talks about how the regulation and what will happen as the legislators and regulators work on what will be taking place in the future.

Fraud is discussed and we have all seen that the SAO or other criminal prosecutors are not bring charges against the accused because of the system is over burden at the time. Additionally some speciality or economic crimes units will not touch a case until it has reached a threshold.

Dean’s guest on Facts & Forensics later this month will be Steven Rambam who is an investigator who is the focus on a new show on Investigation Discovery the show is, Nowhere to Hide.

Next month if you are in Florida, FALI is hosting a couple of training programs for investigators called the FALI “U” on September 12 on Computer and Mobile Forensics with Kevin Ripa. This program is Free to FALI members and is from 9:00am to 5:00pm . Link to FALI U information Additionally we will also be hosting a FALI BootCamp that is for brand new investigators and agency owners. This program takes place on September 16th in Central Florida. Link to FALI BootCamp information.

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