Follow up to court ruling Goode Concrete v CRH

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In a follow up to the interview Rory McMahon conducted on June 17th of this year with John Scallon and Seamus Maye regarding the anti-competitive practices of CRH.  Today the Supreme Court was asked to overturn the ruling due to an alleged bias of High Court Judge John Cooke who owns CRH shares valued at 135,835 eruos, which is $184,659.

In its action, yet to be heard, Goode Concrete alleges CRH, Roadstone Wood Ltd and Kilsaran Concrete were involved in anti-competitive practises forcing Goode’s collapse in 2011. The defendants deny the claims and, in opposing the appeal against Judge Cooke’s rulings, contend Goode waived its right to raise the objective bias claim in circumstances where Judge Cooke disclosed his CRH shareholding in November 2010.

The hearing of the appeal opened today (visit this link for full story)

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