The best defense against fraud or negligent hiring claims is demonstrating you took the appropriate steps to fulfill your legal, “duty of care” thus meeting the, “reasonable personal standard” of that of an informed, capable, and fair minded person.

Fraud Investigations for Small Business Video

Phil Johnson of JJ Associate International joins host Dean Beers and Tim O’Rourke to provide an update on the status of the licensing laws in England.  Phil has been a private investigator in the United Kingdom for over two decades. During the show Phil discusses what 2014-15 and PIs in England may expect as the government moves to begin regulation of the PI profession.

Phil also talks about the News of the World scandal that brought this move to regulate the PI profession to the worlds attention and collapsed a news organizations which started in 1843. According to the Guardian Newspaper, PIs were hired to tap phones and hack into computers of several organizations across multiple industries. Video Intro

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