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Conversations with Karen our society and lives.  National Police Week is May 15th-21st.  We are proud to support law enforcement and present a special segment from June 2015.  Karen also presents a recent study on use of force.

Last May Karen suggested we dedicate a show to our positive experiences and the positive roles law enforcement plays in

Special Guest with Dean

The topic of law enforcement, as a positive role and impact on our society and lives, continues.

Agency and Association News
At the recent NALI conference, Dean’s article was nominated and bestowed NALI’s Editor / Publisher Honorable Mention Award! Here is the link to the article and award – www.deathcasereview.com/uploads/8/7/3/8/8738199/beers_-_tli_expert_consultations_nov_2015.pdf

024 PI InSIGHT Criminal Defense: Child Abuse

Cathrine Smit-Torrez

Cathrine Smit-Torrez  Texas PI

Catherine Smit-Torrez a Public Speaker and educator in many Police and Christian faith topics in her own practice is currently in practice as a Private Investigator “Stiletto Spy & Company Investigations” and began this career field in 2008. She has been a police officer for 20 plus years beginning first as a Reserve Police Officer for the City of Grand Prairie, then moved on to Everman, TX where she served as patrol officer, and worked in

024 Facts & Forensics

Criminal & Civil Investigators at Trial

Criminal or Civil Investigators

News of our Profession

  • FALI says goodbye to Tim O’Rourke a multi-term President, GIMG.tv founder, and President of TheGraftonGroup.org a Tampa Private Investigation firm
  • NCISS holds Hit the Hill and 40th Annual Conference with elections – Dean elected President and receives Wunder Award – details at http://conta.cc/1Vm1NhM
  • Conferences around the country

Conversations with Karen

Karen will talk about the importance of criminal defense investigators, as well as the importance of civil investigators – and some

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Conversations with Karen

Karen has some follow-up on the discussions from last month and the death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and the questions surrounding it.  Based on their experience and available information, Karen and Dean provide a detailed article ‘Analyzing the Death and Investigation of Justice Antonin Scalia’.

Karen also discusses the importance of proper forensic scene photography, as well as announcing the latest investigative course – Basic Forensic Scene Photography and a discount for listeners.

Special Guest with Dean

Dean has a returning guest, Bob Wyman, who previously

022 Facts & Forensics


Antonin Scalia  3/11/1936 – 2/13/2016

Conversations with Karen

With the recent death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and the questions surrounding it, Karen joins Dean to talk about the controversies of his death:

  • In perfect health
  • No autopsy
  • No toxicology
  • No investigation
  • Changed from heart failure to natural causes
  • Phone pronouncement
  • Pillow over his head
  • Embalmed to prevent an autopsy
  • Private plane transportDean’s blog with more commentary

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Conversations with Karen

In Conversations with Karen she’s going to share some practical thoughts on the latest true crime documentary, and remind us of why we always say, “To deny a defendant justice is to deny a victim justice.” 



Mississippi Private Investigator Assoc.

Richard is owner operator of Richard Brooks Investigations (RBI), specializes in surveillance investigations and is located in the Jackson, MS area. His firm services all of Mississippi and several neighboring states.  Richard has been involved in the Mississippi Private Investigators Assoc. or MPIA both in leadership and in the legislative pursuits.  He is also the immediate past president of MPIA.

Prior to his embarking on his 15 year career as a PI – Richard served his country in the US Air Force and then his community as a police officer in Jackson, MS.  Today Richard stopped by to discuss the work MPIA has put into getting Mississippi PIs licensed.

Richard Brooks Investigations, LLC
P.O. Box 4401
Brandon, MS 39047
T: 601-862-0666
W: JacksonPI.com


timorourke-3About the host: Tim O’Rourke is a Private Investigator for The Grafton Group based in Tampa, Florida. Tim is a Corporate Investigator for TGG which serves all of Florida and has reciprocity with many other states as licensed investigators.

The Grafton Group
3001 N Rocky Point Dr., E #200
Tampa, Florida 33607 T: (813)658-9438 or (727)648-3510
We are experts in surveillance investigation – if you are looking for services in Tampa Florida or the surrounding area.




Scott Wilson stops by the show to discuss the databases and records retrieval for investigators.

IRBsearch was launched in Spring of 2001, the first iteration of the only database designed exclusively for the investigative industry. By the first year, more than 3,000 companies had joined to receive database results available online. IRB was just beginning to change how the industry accessed and received search results.

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News of Interest

Dean reminds listeners that GPS and drone regulation continue to be the top state and federal legislative issues.  FALI has a bill introduced to correct anti-PI GPS legislation passed earlier this year and now in effect.  NCAPI recently defeated similar anti-PI GPS legislation.  NCISS continues to monito federal legislative issues and assist state associations.

Dean also emphasizes the importance of multi-disciplinary investigative and expert resources in both civil and criminal litigatin.

Conversations with Karen

This month Karen joins us to talk about the need for effective teams in legal strategy.  Having effective team strategy, and multi-disciplinary resources are very important