In order to prove your ex is cohabiting with a new partner in order to have your support obligation terminated or reduced under Florida law, you must prove your ex is in a supportive relationship. This begins with proving the person is cohabiting with a person to whom they are not related. This is much more difficult than it might seem.

Rarely, will the ex who is receiving alimony admit to being in a cohabitation relationship. You must prove this on your own.

Almost all legal professionals agree that the most efficient way to gather evidence to support termination of alimony is to hire a private investigator. There are some things an investigator can do for you that you cannot, or at least should not, try to do yourself.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act and Third-Party Employment Investigations

What Employers and Investigators Need to Know

If your employees work in sensitive areas, a background check is a must for ensuring that you are not exposing your company or your clients to unnecessary risk. However, there are legal limits to what background check can reveal.

Background checks are covered under the consumer credit law known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Under this law, it is illegal for a credit reporting agency to deliver inaccurate information or to wrongfully run a credit check.

FCRA’s rules do not apply to companies who are doing background checks in-house. However, most employers do not have the resources to conduct pre-employment background checks.



6 Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Private Investigator

Someone who is thinking about hiring a private investigator is probably in the middle of an intense or emotional time of their lives. In spite of this, it is important to consider a few things before you sign a contract with a private investigator in Tampa or any state.

1. Check their license

In order for a private investigator, and the agency they work for, to operate legally in the state of Florida, they must be licensed. The private investigator should be willing — and able — to produce


intellectual property investigation

intellectual property investigation

Have you written a unique article for which you are seeking copyright protection? Perhaps you invented a new way to do something or created a new invention, should you protect your idea with a patent or a trademark?

The answer to all of these questions is that it is in your best interests to do all of the above things, depending on what it is you created.

If someone steals your idea and copies your article or recreates your invention or process it is known as an infringement of your intellectual property rights



Computer Forensics: What Clients Need to Know

The digital age we live in has opened up a whole new area for Private Investigators, “Computer forensics.” Be it a laptop, a tablet, a phone, or any other digital device, there is key evidence that can be provided for both criminal and civil cases. A law firm often engages a private investigator to obtain information for a case.

Hit the Hill in Washington DC


April 12th-14th, GIMG.tv host and FALI president Tim O’Rourke visited Washington, DC for the annual NCISS Board Meeting and “Hit the Hill” Day.

All attendees walked the halls of the Capital to talk to members of Congress, and their staff, about issues of importance to the private investigation profession. During lunch at the Capital The Honorable Ted Yoho, Member of Congress from Florida’s 3rd District, was the guest speaker.


GIMG.tv host speaks at Mystery Writers of America

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Program: “Financial Fraud Florida-Style”

Florida seems to attract fraudsters of all stripes. Who are they? How they get away with it (when they do)? How they get caught? How fast do they adapt to changing laws, enforcement, and investigation methods? How much do they haul in? How does a Ponzi scheme work (and fail)? How in the world are these cons … well, confident enough to do it? What are the latest rip-off trends? Learn all this, PLUS hear fascinating cases from a leading national authority on fraud investigation.

Rory McMahon is vice president of The Grafton Group, a nationally recognized investigative firm based in Florida with over a 100 investigators throughout the southeast.

Follow up to court ruling Goode Concrete v CRH

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In a follow up to the interview Rory McMahon conducted on June 17th of this year with John Scallon and Seamus Maye regarding the anti-competitive practices of CRH.  Today the Supreme Court was asked to overturn the ruling due to an alleged bias of High Court Judge John Cooke who owns CRH shares valued at 135,835 eruos, which is $184,659.

In its action, yet to be heard, Goode Concrete alleges CRH, Roadstone Wood Ltd and Kilsaran Concrete were involved in anti-competitive practises forcing Goode’s collapse in 2011. The defendants deny the claims and, in opposing the appeal against Judge Cooke’s rulings, contend Goode waived its right to raise the objective bias claim in circumstances where Judge Cooke disclosed his CRH shareholding in November 2010.

The hearing of the appeal opened today (visit this link for full story)

International Private Investigator’s Day

PIDay Graphic


Private Investigators provide a fundamental and vital role in society today, and have proven time after time to be an extremely valuable asset to society.

National and International Private Investigators Day is July 24th, commemorating the birth year of Eugene Francois Vidocq, the very first Private Investigator who founded the first known detective Agency in 1833. Vidocq’s birthday is July 24, 1775 or 24/7