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Conversations with Karen

Karen and Dean talk about their recent trip to Florida for the Word Association of Detectives Mid-Term Meeting. As the Administrative Manager, this was Karen’s first opportunity to meet many of the WAD members, many visiting from Europe and Asia – from England and France, to Romania and Russia, and India to Malaysia.

Special Guest with Dean

Vicki Lutz is a Colorado licensed attorney and court recognized expert on domestic violence. In a special guest segment of Facts & Forensics, Vicki shared some valuable information for investigators. Be sure and listen to the full podcast for anecdotes and actual case stories – and she shares a special article! Here is a summary of our conversation –


The Fair Credit Reporting Act and Third-Party Employment Investigations

What Employers and Investigators Need to Know

If your employees work in sensitive areas, a background check is a must for ensuring that you are not exposing your company or your clients to unnecessary risk. However, there are legal limits to what background check can reveal.

Background checks are covered under the consumer credit law known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Under this law, it is illegal for a credit reporting agency to deliver inaccurate information or to wrongfully run a credit check.

FCRA’s rules do not apply to companies who are doing background checks in-house. However, most employers do not have the resources to conduct pre-employment background checks.