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News of Interest

Dean discusses news of the World Association of Detectives (www.WAD.net), including a new Administrative Manager, and two unique benefits to NCISS members from IRB and PI Now and the upcoming conference in Las Vegas.

Conversations with Karen

This month Karen joins us to talk two recent news stories.  The first is about retraumatizing families with body parts left at the scene; and the second is about prosecutors who will believe anything to prosecute.  Karen also talks to us about the James Holmes sentencing verdict in the Aurora Colorado theater shooting (our last show the jury was out).  Also in our last show, Karen’s latest article ‘Investigating Without Playing Into Drama’ was pending posting by PI Now (below).

Special Guest with Dean

Dean is joined by expert in criminalistics and explosives, Paul Laska.  Paul is a fellow member of FALI and provides extensive training and consultations worldwide.



Dear Lord, as we remember the evils of September 11th, let us turn our hearts and minds towards the good found only in You;
Be close to those who mourn: the parents who lost children, the children who never knew a parent, and all who lost a loved one;
Embrace this grieving nation, and let time never lessen the impact of this day; may we never forget;
Protect those who go in harm’s way to save others, and those who suffer and die to safeguard our nation;
Give wisdom to our leaders, that they may make choices that prevent another day such as this;
Convert the hearts of those who seek our destruction, and banish from the world the darkness that allows such hate to fester and grow;
Let Your love rain down upon us, and let Your peace flourish on the Earth;
All these things we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord



One of the fundamental tools for any business is the use of thorough and well written contracts to protect the owner and the business. During this important interview, guest Mark Aubin will take you through several contracts including:

Client Contracts
Subcontractor Agreements
Employee Non-Disclose and Non-Compete Agreements