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Florida seems to attract fraudsters of all stripes. Who are they? How they get away with it (when they do)? How they get caught? How fast do they adapt to changing laws, enforcement, and investigation methods? How much do they haul in? How does a Ponzi scheme work (and fail)? How in the world are these cons … well, confident enough to do it? What are the latest rip-off trends? Learn all this, PLUS hear fascinating cases from a leading national authority on fraud investigation.

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The National Council of Investigation & Security Services (www.NCISS.org) held its annual Hit the Hill the week of April 13th in Washington DC. Over 40 association leaders and members from around the country walked the halls of Capitol Hill to meet with Senators and Representatives to talk about key issues of our professions. The hot topic continued to be drone legislation. A sub-committee of the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on April 15th – and invited leaders of NCISS,

Hit the Hill in Washington DC


April 12th-14th, GIMG.tv host and FALI president Tim O’Rourke visited Washington, DC for the annual NCISS Board Meeting and “Hit the Hill” Day.

All attendees walked the halls of the Capital to talk to members of Congress, and their staff, about issues of importance to the private investigation profession. During lunch at the Capital The Honorable Ted Yoho, Member of Congress from Florida’s 3rd District, was the guest speaker.





My guests this month are, Francie Koehler who served as a two-term president for both the National Council of Investigation & Security Services (NCISS) and for the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI). Koehler is currently serving as the Legislative Chair for both NCISS and CALI.

Dean Beers is currently the 2nd VP of National Council of Investigation & Security Services (NCISS) and I am proud to call him a friend and co-host right here on GIMG.tv as he host Facts & Forensics every month from Colorado.

This show is dedicated to Drone legislation which we are seeing around the country and the uses of Drones for Private Investigators.  Some interesting websites for you to visit: KnowBeforeYouFly.org and DroneLaw.net