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Forensic Evidence of Gunshot Residue and Guest for Internet Investigations
Host Dean Beers will have an extended discussion with Karen during Conversations with Karen on the questions and answers to GSR testing and how it applies, as evidence, to equivocal death investigations.

But first, Dean will update listeners with recent legislative news from the National Council of Investigation & Security Services, including the very active State Legislative Advocacy Hub and important legislation at the state level.

The best defense against fraud or negligent hiring claims is demonstrating you took the appropriate steps to fulfill your legal, “duty of care” thus meeting the, “reasonable personal standard” of that of an informed, capable, and fair minded person.

Fraud Investigations for Small Business Video

Cargo Theft Investigations




This month my special guest is Kelly Riddle of Kelmar Global Investigations out of Texas.  During this show Kelly will explain how his company investigates cargo theft and some of the important facts regarding this under reported crime.

• Incidents are more likely to occur in highly-populated areas where thieves can quickly enter the local market and offload the stolen cargo immediately;

• The U.S. Department of Transportation has determined that an average truckload of cargo travels within a 206-mile radius outside container ports, and thieves tend to strike within this radius;

• Cargo theft is more likely to happen in high cargo concentration areas such as California, the Northeast, Florida and Texas; and the number of theft incidents decreases as cargo flows inland along interstate thoroughfares.

Kelly is a past president of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI) and the founder of the Council Of Association Leaders (COAL) which is comprised of many of the leaders from investigation associations around North America.