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Ringing in 2015 with Cell Phone Forensics!

Host Dean Beers will update listeners with recent legislative news from the National Council of Investigation & Security Services, and some updates from previous shows on the importance of background checks. Karen joins Dean with Conversations with Karen to talk about the importance of open source intelligence and social media checks for backgrounds. Finally, Dean welcomes his guest, Tom Slovenski, to talk about how Your Phone is Your Personal Profile and cell phone forensics.

NCISS Legislative Updates
Drone legislation – http://t.co/av1eWj5Mkb
NLRB ‘Ambush Rule’ final rules published – http://t.co/yopd3QVygz
Join us for Hit the Hill in April – http://www.nciss.org/news-and-events/the-full-event.php?eid=79
Read the latest The Report online – http://www.nciss.org/documents/NCISS_The_Report_Spring_2015.pdf



PI Podcast King and Queen
Happy New Year to all of our listeners!  We have a special show lined up for your this January.  This month we are joined by Francie Koelher of PI’s Declassified and Paul Jaeb of The American PI.  Both of my guests are nationally recognized private investigators, and each one of them host their own podcast for private investigators.  Hit the button to start listening to this great discussion we had about the new year and our profession.

Both Francie and Paul are seasoned criminal and fraud investigators that have decades of investigative experience and have both hosted their shows for five years. They speak to investigators all over the county and are frequent speakers at private investigator conferences nationally.

Francie Koelher
E:   franciek@pacbell.net
T:   510-772-5512
W:  http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/1748/pis-declassified

Paul Jaeb
E:   pjaeb@heartlandinfo.com
T:   612.371.9255
W:  http://americanprivateinvestigator.com