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John Lajoie,CLI

This month on Investigators Hotline, Rory interviews one of his longtime friends and CLI brothers John LaJoie.  John is well known throughout the country for his skill and experience as a private investigator, and for his dedication to the field of professional private investigation. LaJoie has turned the one-man operation he began in 1989 into one of the largest investigative firms in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  John is a Certified Legal Investigator, a Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, a Certified International Investigator, and a Board Certified Professional Investigator. His case experience has ranged from high-profile homicides to simple auto accidents, and his client base varies from the rich and famous to the homeless and indigent.

You can find out more about John and his practice by visiting his website at PrivateInvestigator.com

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From NCISS – Lobbying in your State
If you are interested in establishing a state lobbying program in your state, a guide “10 Steps to Building Your State Lobbying Program” is located at:  http://www.nciss.org/legislation/documents/Program.pdf

State Legislative Awareness Monitoring (SLAM) Advocacy Hub at http://www.nciss.org/legislation/latest-legislation.php then go to the link entitled “State Legislation.”




This month I am proud to have as my guest Brandon Perron.  Brandon A. Perron, is an award winning nationally recognized private investigator.   Who is also a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator or (CCDI) and has been qualified as an “Expert in criminal investigation” by the courts.

Brandon has 29 years of investigative experience as a former U.S. Air Force Criminal Investigator, State of Florida Public Defender Investigator, government appointed civil & human rights investigator