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Rory is joined by Eugene Ferraro a noted author, speaker and investigator. For 30 years, Ferraro has been a leading corporate investigator specializing in workplace violence, fraud, harassment, discrimination, substance abuse, misconduct, and employee theft and dishonesty. Ferraro’s expertise also includes pre-employment screening, background investigation, employee interrogation, loss prevention and security management.

He has conducted thousands of investigations worldwide for top corporations, law firms and insurance companies. Ferraro has also authored nine books, and lectures frequently on ethics and compliance management. Ferraro discusses his career conducting workplace investigations and offers tips to those seeking financing for their company as well as his assessment of the current outlook for the PI Profession. Ferraro also discusses his writing and how to use writing and speaking to effectively promote you and your business.

Phil Johnson of JJ Associate International joins GIMG.tv host Dean Beers and Tim O’Rourke to provide an update on the status of the licensing laws in England.  Phil has been a private investigator in the United Kingdom for over two decades. During the show Phil discusses what 2014-15 and PIs in England may expect as the government moves to begin regulation of the PI profession.

Phil also talks about the News of the World scandal that brought this move to regulate the PI profession to the worlds attention and collapsed a news organizations which started in 1843. According to the Guardian Newspaper, PIs were hired to tap phones and hack into computers of several organizations across multiple industries.

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The PI-Map from GIMG.tv
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NCISS Legislative Alerts (www.NCISS.org)
NCISS Regulatory Alert: Call to Action for Unfair Licensing Requirements
Your action is needed.  Please see the full NCISS Legislative Alert for details of how you can help, members and non-members of NCISS.
US Supreme Court to hear case which regarding state licensing board authority
NCISS  urges the Supreme Court to require lower courts to inquire as to whether the regulatory means employed by the licensing board are congruent with a legitimate governmental end.



GIMG.tv Host

GIMG.tv host do a round table.

This month on PI InSIGHT Tim O’Rourke is joined by all of the host from GIMG.tv  We discuss the James Brady death on August 4th 2014 being ruled as a homicide by the medical examiner. The panel discusses what may happen going forward with this case.

Colorado’s new licensing requirement is still being worked out in the State legislature. Dean Beers talks about how the regulation and what will happen as the legislators and regulators work on what will be taking place in the future.

Fraud is discussed and we have all seen that the SAO or other criminal prosecutors are not bring charges against the accused because of the system is over burden at the time. Additionally some speciality or economic crimes units will not touch a case until it has reached a threshold.

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PPIAC Death Investigation Training 
Save the date – Friday 08/29/2014!  Last year AFI-LLC presented ‘Death Investigation for Private Investigators’ to continuing education to private investigators, as well as attorneys and investigators for the Colorado Public Defenders Office.  This training and fundraising event returns this year and is again sponsored by Associates in Forensic Investigations, the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado, and the Colorado Public Defenders Office.