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Iowa Association of Private Investigators 2014 Conference

PI Now – ‘Investigating Innocence Cases with Caution’ by Karen S. Beers, BSW, CCDI

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Rory has a discussion during this show with John Scallon and Seamus Maye who both have seen their famlies in Ireland forced out of business.  As you listen to both men tell their stories and if you have worked anti-trust cases in the past you begin to see signs of what most certainly looks like a large monopoly using their power and influence to control market share and dominate other suppliers in the field.






In this edition of PI InSIGHT your host Tim O’Rourke speaks with other GIMG host Dean Beers of Facts & Forensics and Rory McMahon of Investigators Hotline.  During this round-table they discuss varies topics from PI training, PI legislation around the US at the State and National level.

We at GIMG welcome all of our new listeners and seek to interact with you both online and in person.  Please feel free to send us an e-mail or use the send voice-mail tab on the homepage.  Rory McMahon and Tim O’Rourke will be in Texas for the TALI Conference in September so be sure to stop by and say hello.





During this show we are joined by Terry Cox, CLI,CFC as we focus on Criminal Investigations.

Terry is the owner and founder of The LoneWolf Group which is based in Mississippi.  He is the past National Director of the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) which is dedicated to and focused on the education and advancement of criminal defense/legal investigators.  Criminal Defense Investigators can work for the defense attorney or the prosecutors office.  They are often retained to interview witnesses and or conduct a case review, to ensure that a proper investigation was conducted.

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timorourke-3About the host: Tim O’Rourke is a Private Investigator for The Grafton Group based in Tampa, Florida. Tim is a Corporate Investigator for TGG which serves all of Florida and has reciprocity with many other states as licensed investigators.

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