002 Investigators Hotline

Fire in Building Saskatchewan

Arson Investigator Richard Harris

Rory interviews Richard Harris this month on Investigator Hotline.  Mr. Harris served in the Public Safety field for over 17 years. He worked in several areas of the police and fire service including Chief of Department. He has been in the Private Investigation field, both in a part time and full time status, for over 16 years. He has conducted training, and provided consulting services, for police and fire departments for over 20 years. In addition, he has trained and consulted for private detectives




Canadian Forensic Computer PI

Canadian Forensic Computer PI

Kevin J. Ripa, is the owner of Computer Evidence Recovery, Inc, with offices in Calgary and New Delhi, India, and Past President of Alberta Association of Private Investigators. He is also the Director of Computer Forensics for ASG Investigations headquartered in Detroit, MI., with 5 offices throughout the United States. Mr. Ripa, is a former member, in various capacities, of the Department of National Defense serving in both foreign and domestic postings. He is now providing superior service to various levels of government, law enforcement and Fortune 500 companies, and has assisted in sensitive investigations around the world. 

002 Facts & Forensics


Crime Scene

This month’s Facts and Forensics features:

  • Segment 1 – Dean talks about the value of an expert forensic consultation and news from Evidence Magazine
  • News you can use from NCISS and other associations
  • Segment 2 – Karen will again join Dean to talk about an interesting case in the news from OH
  • Segment 3 – Forensic Toxicologist, Dr. Harold Schueler, joins Dean with the benefits of forensic toxicology to investigators.