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RJM Investigators HOTLINE

Rory J. McMahon is the host of the Investigators Hotline.  For the debut show here on GIMG.tv Rory interviews Doug Haas a former Captain of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.  Rory and Doug have worked together in law enforcement and 30 years later are both investigators in the private sector.  The topics covered are from their days working together and Doug’s work in organized crime.  As the show progresses Doug and Rory discuss their transition into the private investigations profession.




In this edition of PI InSIGHT your host Tim O’Rourke is joined by Johnston and Dana Blakley of OnTrack Investigations.  Our focus for the show was exclusively on surveillance and the business of running a successful surveillance operation.  OnTrack Investigations employs 24 investigators and have one of the most efficiently run operations I have ever seen.  Using technology to enhance their overall operation and reduce cost to their bottom line.   OnTrack Investigations is a model for everyone seeking to run a Great PI agency.