In this edition of PI InSIGHT the GIMG panel discusses three topics that caught the eyes and attention of a number of PIs this week.

The Death Master File which has been a source for investigators for years and unfortunately identity thieves as well.  We discuss how the US Secretary of Commerce is working to protect this information and institute a certification program for those who have a legitimate purpose to access the information.

Databroker Spokeo has a 850K judgement imposed against them for violating FCRA rules according to the 9th Circuit Court rules.  See case link below.

001 Facts & Forensics w/ Dean Beers




Here is Dean Beers first show to debut on GIMG.tv called Facts and Forensics.   Dean opens the show with an explanation of what he would like to do on Facts and Forensics.   In the second half of the show Dean interviews Karen Beers about a project they have just completed.  Link’s for this information is below.