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Conversations with Karen

Karen shares some insight on a national story with roots in Colorado – the death of six-year-old Jon Benet Ramsey, found dead in her home 20 years ago. Recent documentaries ‘reveal’ evidence and a team of experts ‘reveals’ who killed her. What do we think?  Tune it for a lively discussion – including the truth about the ‘evidence’ and one important question never asked or answered.

Special Guest with Dean

Tim O’Rourke was a featured speaker – the opening act – for the annual Rocky Mountain Conference hosted by the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado.  While there, Dean and Tim sat down to have a chat about Dean’s family history in Colorado and current events of our profession.  Tim is a Florida Private Investigator for The Grafton Group based in Tampa, Florida

Association News

With the election campaigns at their peak, not much is happening in Congress or state legislatures.  NCISS continues to track the activities of Congress and federal agencies that regulate the resources valuable to investigations and security.  Here is the latest news from NCISS – http://conta.cc/2dKmn7L

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Tim O’Rourke is the lead  St Petersburg Private Investigator, for The Grafton Group based in Tampa Bay Florida.

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