6 Things You Need to Know Before You Hire a Private Investigator

Someone who is thinking about hiring a private investigator is probably in the middle of an intense or emotional time of their lives. In spite of this, it is important to consider a few things before you sign a contract with a private investigator in Tampa or any state.

1. Check their license

In order for a private investigator, and the agency they work for, to operate legally in the state of Florida, they must be licensed. The private investigator should be willing — and able — to produce these licenses in a timely manner.

2. Determine the type of license held

Florida offers a number of different types of licenses for private investigators. Depending on the license, a private investigator may be able to provide additional services. The following are the types of licenses a private investigator in Tampa might hold:

  • “C” – Private Investigator
  • “CC” – Private Investigator Intern
  • “M” or “MA” – Private Investigator Agency Manager
  • “G” – Florida Firearm License
  • “A” – Private Investigative Agency (main office)
  • “AA” or “AB” – Private Investigative Agency (branch office)

3. Experience matters

In Florida, a private investigator is required to have a minimum of 4,160 hours of experience as a professional investigator before they can obtain a license. Additionally, it is crucial to choose someone with solid experience in your particular type of case. This means that an intern is not likely to have the expertise you need.

4. Ask about their background

Hiring a private investigator often involves more than just finding a person who can dig deep for elusive information. If you need someone to testify in court for you about the information they gathered, is the private investigator able to do so? Have they been on the stand in the past regarding similar cases? A background in law enforcement or a related industry is likely to provide the private investigator with the skills and knowledge needed to become a powerful ally for you.

5. The agency’s background

It’s easy to concentrate all of your attention and questions solely on the private investigator sitting in front of you. However, in the state of Florida, all private investigators must work as part of a licensed agency as well. This means that you need to know about the experience that the agency has. Does the agency usually handle cases such as yours? What does the agency have to offer in terms of resources?

6. Check their insurance

Both the private investigator and the agency should have a sufficient amount of insurance. This is to protect you in the event that the private investigator damages property while gathering evidence for your case or is sued by your target.

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