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Conversations with Karen our society and lives.  National Police Week is May 15th-21st.  We are proud to support law enforcement and present a special segment from June 2015.  Karen also presents a recent study on use of force.

Last May Karen suggested we dedicate a show to our positive experiences and the positive roles law enforcement plays in

Special Guest with Dean

The topic of law enforcement, as a positive role and impact on our society and lives, continues.

Agency and Association News
At the recent NALI conference, Dean’s article was nominated and bestowed NALI’s Editor / Publisher Honorable Mention Award! Here is the link to the article and award – www.deathcasereview.com/uploads/8/7/3/8/8738199/beers_-_tli_expert_consultations_nov_2015.pdf
Details at www.deathcasereview.com/afi-llc-blog/nali-editor-publisher-honorable-mention-award

(all of our articles are at www.deathcasereview.com/afi-llc-articles.html)


Its quiet on the legislative front.  NCISS 1st VP Terry Myer attended the FALI (www.FALI.org) conference, representing NCISS.  Dean is preparing to be at the CALI (www.CALI-PI.org) and will be speaking on ‘Is it Suicide, or Not?’.

NCISS continues to show leadership and its commitment to State Association outreach with the Legislative Advocacy Hub (LAH). The LAH is a wonderful tool for State Associations to monitor legislation effecting their state. The LAH not only identifies certain pieces legislation, it can be helpful with call to action letters from your members to your Senators and House Representatives in Congress.

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