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Conversations with Karen

Karen has some follow-up on the discussions from last month and the death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and the questions surrounding it.  Based on their experience and available information, Karen and Dean provide a detailed article ‘Analyzing the Death and Investigation of Justice Antonin Scalia’.

Karen also discusses the importance of proper forensic scene photography, as well as announcing the latest investigative course – Basic Forensic Scene Photography and a discount for listeners.

Special Guest with Dean

Dean has a returning guest, Bob Wyman, who previously discussed forensic photography.  Dean recently learned Bob has added Forensic GPS Analysis to his accomplishments.  This is a new and exciting topic of interest to investigators!

Bob Wyman – expert, Forensic Photography and Forensic GPS

Phone: (786) 246-8100

Email: wymanent@bellsouth.net

Website: www.forensicphoto.com

Show Links

‘Analyzing the Death and Investigation of Justice Antonin Scalia’ – www.deathcasereview.com/afi-llc-blog/analyzing-the-death-and-investigation-of-justice-antonin-scalia

Basic Forensic Scene Photography – www.InvestigativeCourses.com

Listener 50% discount – www.udemy.com/basic-forensic-scene-photography/?couponCode=FP-50%25

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