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Who are your Facts & Forensics hosts?

Meet the AFI-LLC Team at http://www.DeathCaseReview.com/principals-bios.html

Reminder of our monthly agency newsletter

Each month our agency publishes an interactive and informative newsletter for clients and colleagues. Our January newsletter is at http://conta.cc/1n46NbH

Conversations with Karen

In Conversations with Karen she’s going to share some practical thoughts on the latest true crime documentary, and remind us of why we always say, “To deny a defendant justice is to deny a victim justice.” 

Code of Ethics for our Agency
See our Agency Code of Ethics at www.deathcasereview.com/afi-llc-blog/professional-ethics

Updated CVs
Our updated CVs, and a complete case assignment and information packet, are available at http://goo.gl/uTD2Ph

News from NCISS

Rules and regulations from the Executive branch continue to be the concern.  Department of Labor rules on hiring and union voting, and Federal Aviation Administration rules on drones, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules on pre-employment backgounds are all issues NCISS is taking action on.   Also an update on drone registration and commercial use rules. The latest activity from NCISS and Lobbyit is at http://conta.cc/1PMEk3K

Special Guest with Dean

Dean is joined by expert in crime scene reconstruction and forensic evidence – JD Thomas of Forensic Consulting Services.

JD Thomas, CCDI and Forensic Science Analyst

Forensic Consulting Services

Office: (727) 967-7907

e-mail:  jdt.fcs@gmail.com


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