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Deanna Acuna


Rory is joined by Deanne Acuna from Los Angeles to discuss her career as a PI and her special gift.  Deanne is open about her telepathic and claircognizant abilities, she does not however promote herself as such, or allow it to cast doubt on her credentials as a certified professional investigator. While telepathy and precognition have proved beneficial in her line of work, she relies as much on her common sense as on her sixth sense. The purpose of the Intuitive Investigator series is to inform and educate readers about how Deanne utilizes her acute intuition in her career as well as to focus a spotlight on serious social issues such as drug addiction, human trafficking and elder abuse. With over thirty-five years’ experience, she continues to run a highly successful agency in the Los Angeles area with a select team of associates, including her daughter.

T 562-596-2123

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